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Safety & Environment

The Kings group is committed to improve safety by fostering a strong “Safety Culture” in which our people value workplace safety above all else.

We have a goal to be the leaders in safety in the Transport and Logistics, Warehousing and Building Logistics Management Industries.

We are committed to delivering zero unsafe workplaces, unsafe work practices and injuries by continuous communications, setting higher standards, consulting with our people, managing our risks, regularly monitoring progress towards our safety objectives and being accountable for safety.

Recently, Kings Transport was Highly Commended for our investment in training at the TLISC Awards for Excellence. The video below highlights our genuine commitment to Safety and Injury Management at Kings across all our sites.

We believe that a genuine commitment to Safety is a vital component in Kings Transports’ continued future growth and success and that and our policy of “Deliver Zero” is never negotiable.
Please refer to the PDF document for Kings HSEQ Policy: Deliver Zero - Policy