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Total Warehousing and Distribution Services EDI, Labeling and Scan Packing Customer Internet Accessibility Supply Chain Management Barcode/Paperless systems

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Facilities are strategically located around Melbourne. Many of our clients are either based overseas or interstate with limited resources in Melbourne. Consequently they rely on us to handle all their operational needs and much of their administration.

Services include:
Unpacking & reconciliation of receivables Provision of specifically designed quality storage facilities.
Computerised weekly stock reporting and inventory management.
Daily picking of orders and packing/addressing for dispatch within a few hours.
Time critical delivery by our dedicated break bulk fleet or a National carrier.
Customs clearance.
Sea/air container transport. Freight management, tracking & returns.
All rates, arrangements and procedures are tailored for each client and fully documented.
Pricing is "unit rate" for all items handled and stored. Storeman are dedicated to each client ensuring a "personalised touch".
We can be as integrated as you want us to be, even to the point of having your computer system totally on line, ensuring instant stock enquiries, sales ordering & delivery advices.

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