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Company Owned Equipment

The Kings Group are the market leaders in providing “Company Owned Vehicle” solutions for clients that have permanent & dedicated vehicle requirements.  Kings experience, innovation and expertise have set the standard in this niche area of our industry. 

Kings provide a tailor made solution for each client as all solutions are unique. We conduct site specific case studies to ensure that the right fleet numbers and vehicle configurations are achieved.  Our proposals focus on vehicles that are purposely designed to assist in the distribution process and improve efficiencies.   Benefits to our clients include:

  • Brand New Vehicles
  • Purposely designed manual handling equipment for clients with specific requirements
  • Latest in transport technology offering a value add to our customers customer
  • Vehicle Livery allowing increased presence and improved image within the market place
  • Professionally trained drivers and back up drivers to ensure the same vehicle is used daily
  • Back up vehicles during peak periods providing flexibility and service guarantees
  • Improved cash flow for our clients allowing them to focus on their own business
  • Reduced hidden costs associated with owning or leasing their own vehicles such as:
    • Staff Wages including: holiday pay, sick pay, superannuation, workcover, long service leave
    • Vehicle Maintenance Costs including: fuel, repairs & maintenance, driver uniforms, vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, public liability insurance, 
    • Depreciation in vehicle resale value

Kings, in consultation with our clients, design a comprehensive implementation plan to deliver a seamless changeover. Kings supply a Contract Manager & Project Manager for every “Company Owned” solution and these professionals are responsible for ensuring that all services are supplied as submitted from contract signing through to implementation and beyond.

Kings solutions are also focused on energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To this extent our solutions are inclusive of the following initiatives:
  • The supply of new fleet and equipment which meets Euro 4 emissions compliance;
  • Kings will register all vehicles with Greenfleet, for the life of the contract. This ensures that a specific number of trees are planted for each vehicle, each year, to offset the greenhouse gases emissions, depending upon vehicle size, fuel usage and kilometres travelled;
  • Documented and scheduled vehicle servicing, to ensure that all vehicles within our fleet are operating as efficiently as possible;
  • Driver training to ensure that “best practice” driving techniques are used to reduce fuel usage and resultant greenhouse emissions;
  • Electronic invoicing practices to reduce paper usage;
  • Specific environmentally friendly vehicle washing practices, recycling of consumables and waste reduction practices.
All of our Company Owned Vehicles are fitted with the latest in Transport Technology.  This includes our patented Net Track technology, GPS and the latest in PDAs for signature capture and barcode scanning capabilities.  Please refer to our technology page for more details.

Kings brings a fresh approach and mentality to the task through our desire to be a successful partner to our clients.  We are confident that Kings tailored solutions will deliver immediate and significant improvements in efficiencies, service, transparency and cost, allowing Kings to “Deliver What We Promise”.