Our courier vehicles and trucks provide fast and efficient delivery of just about anything – from envelopes to cartons, pallets, customer orders, trade items, chemicals, timber & building materials, car parts, office furniture and much more. Our comprehensive service offerings allow us to tailor transport solutions to your business.


On-Demand: Couriers

Kings’ extensive fleet of courier vans and trays specialise in urgent transport solutions. No matter what the nature of the consignment, Kings can find a solution for you. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will ensure deliveries of any kind get where they need to be, when it needs to be there.


On-Demand: Taxi Trucks

When what needs to be moved can’t fit on a tray or in a van, Kings’ Taxi Trucks are the solution. Our extensive fleet includes a full complement of transport vehicles, including trays, tautliners, vans, pantechs, semi-trailers and specialised vehicles such as hydraulic tailgates and crane trucks / hiabs.


Permanent Hire

Kings offers an exclusive hourly hire service to assist with multiple deliveries. Hire as many vehicles as required for as long as needed and in a way that suits your business. Wishing you had your own vehicle? Permanent hire is the solution for you!